About Me

Born and raised in Ankara Turkey, moved to the States in 2014. Lived in Chicago for 3 years (Missing the deep dish, but not the bone chilling cold!!) recently moved to Boston – and loving it.

Got an Engineering degree, studied Earth Sciences both in Turkey (Middle East Technical University) and Kansas (The University of Kansas).

Then… With a sudden decision… I became an International Education Professional: After taking CELTA from Cambridge and Coaching Diploma from the UK, I started teaching ESL (English as a second language)  to adults from different nationalities. I taught for 5 years. I worked as an Academic Coordinator for 3 years; spending my time thinking about how to improve the ESL curriculum, teaching methodology and quality. Between 2018-2020, I worked as a Student Services Manager, trying to help students adjust the US as quickly and smoothly as possible. Now I’m the Center Director at ELS Boston.

The main reason I switched careers from science to education was rather idealistic: Call me naive, but I want to make a change in the world. And I know education is where the change begins. I want to be right at the heart of it to make a positive change.

PS. Despite my affair with education, as you will already sense from my posts, science is still the apple of my eye 🙂

Ece –

PS#2. My name is confusing for Americans. Never have I seen such a short name being so confusing before. So, it is a Turkish name (obviously) meaning ‘Queen’ and in Turkmen language (only spoken in Turkmenistan) it means ‘Mother’. Cool, huh?  So, the most challenging part is the pronunciation of my name. Whenever I get a call from my bank, there is always an awkward silence of 3 seconds in the beginning. The person on the other line is probably thinking to himself “How the heck am I gonna pronounce this??” Haha. Well, it is very similar to AJ. So call me A-J. I will definitely respond.