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I just want to tell you from the beginning that this blog is not for Adnan or Hae’s family or about making Serial even more popular. I want to dedicate my post to only Hae…

UPDATE: There has been some new findings about the case. You can read about them here.

I seek justice for her.

When I was interviewing for a summer internship at a very prestigious company in college, like15 years ago, I remember answering this question: “Why do you study geology? Why are you studying engineering and science?”. My answer was: “I love questioning, researching. I love making connections between the clues and making logical interpretations based on solid scientific facts. The mystery of the world fascinates me.  The only way to solve this mystery is science and engineering”. As you can guess, I didn’t get the internship. When I asked why to my professor, who was also present in th einterview, he told me that I sounded like I was living in an Agatha Christie Book, not in reality.

Every human behavior has a science behind it and it intrigues me so much. Forensic psychology is something that I’m really interested in. This is why I read, watch and listen about criminal behavior a lot. To a degree that it worries my boyfriend sometimes.

As far as the Hae’s murder case is concerned, I have combined the evidence, I did an extensive research and analyzed it. The results will make a lot of sense to you and will make you think about this case even days after you read this. Yes, I have a theory and I can support it with logic. Unfortunately, I cannot help but speculate, but isn’t this how the investigation was concluded in the first place? Over a speculation. At least this time, in my analysis below, you will see that I use the physical evidence, autopsy reports, witness testimonies and forensic psychology.

If you are not familiar with the story, it might be hard to grasp it here. Please listen to these podcasts in order to get the story with the details:

  1. Serial
  2. Undisclosed (Love you all Rabia, Susan and Colin! Susan, love how your mind works. This crew also writes on their personal blogs:,, and, respectively)
  3. Truth and Justice with Bob Ruff

If you listened to Truth and Justice’s 25th Episode of the first season, you will remember Jim Clemente, who is a renowned retired FBI Profiler. I will discuss his profile point by point in a little bit and explain you what actually Hae’s killer must be like.

But first, I will briefly introduce you the story:

Let’s talk about Hae…

A beautiful, smart, athletic teenager, a Woodlawn (Baltimore, Maryland) high school student who was full of life and full of love. Someone who is strong, impulsive, who tends to fall in love quickly (In her diary from April 1998 to January 1999, she mentions 3 loves: Nick, Adnan and Don). She was caring, about her little cousin, about her friends. Yet, she was stuck in between being a teenager in America and being a Korean teenager at home. Culture clash, together with living with a single mom and a brother must have been really hard for her.

Hae disappeared on  January 13th 1999. She was last seen in her car by 2:20-2:30 PM (There is a witness saying 2:45-3:00) leaving the school. She was supposed to pick up her cousin from daycare at 3:15, but she never showed up. Between 2:30 and 3:15, something really terrible happened to her.


They found her partially burried body  in Leakin Park on February 10th, 1999. She was found by Mr. S who claimed that he was taking a leak when she found the body. She recognized human hair and a human foot sticking out of the dirt and the leaves. Since there were no cell phones then, he went to the nearest place and told the police about the body.

Police arrested her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed on February 28th, 1999 and charged him with murder.

I don’t want to go into too much detail of Krista, Cathy, Debbie, Aisha, or Asia and the testimonies and interviews with them. Because it would make it very long and complicated. However, as I mentioned before, I highly recommend you to first listen to Season 1 of  Serial Podcast, and then listen to Undisclosed Podcast together with Truth and Justice podcast.

Briefly though;

Here is Adnan Syed’s and Hae’s Mutual friends:


Krista testified that Hae was going to give a ride to Adnan the day Hae disappeared, but Hae said last minute something came up so she couldn’t give him a ride. A few days after Hae’s dissappearance, there was a bday party in Krista’s house in which Stephanie, Jay and Adnan were present.

Asia is a key witness in State vs. Adnan Syed case. She is the only person who can put Adnan in the school between 2:30 PM- 3:30 PM. The State’s argument was Hae was strangled at around 2:36 PM. There is a call to Adnan’s cell phone (which is in posession of Jay at that time) and state claimed that this must have been to ‘come and get me, I killed Hae’ call.

Stephanie was one of the closest friends of Adnan. They had known each other since middle school and they would talk regularly. Stephanie was also Jay’s long-term girlfriend.

The top photo shows Jay in the court in 1999, The bottom photo of Jay was taken very recently.


Jay is the key person to the whole story. He graduated from Woodlawn, the same high school that both Hae and Adnan went, only  a year earlier. He is the one who told the cops that Adnan pre-meditated and executed Hae’s murder in cold blood and Jay helped him bury the body. He had Adnan’s car that day (It was Stephanie’s bday and Jay borrowed the car to go get a gift for Stephanie) Adnan’s new cell phone was in the glove pocket of the car because the students were not allowed to bring their phones to the school back then.

But, Jay has never been a credible witness at all. He changed his story at least 7 times. He kept changing the places he had been to that day. Also the time range that he claimed he spent with Adnan was off. If you are telling the truth already, why is the need for changing it constantly?

Adnan’s story of the day has never changed though: “I went to Jay’s house at 10:45, after my morning class. We hung out. I gave my car to him so he could buy a gift for his girlfriend at the mall. Told him to come and pick me up after the track practice. It was Ramadan, I was fasting, so we should have eaten something together after school, smoked pot. It was towards the end of Ramadan so I should have been in the mosque between 7-9 or so with my father. That is the only thing I remember, it was an ordinary day.” 


The most confusing part for me in all this is not Jay, although his testimonies are super confusing. He doesn’t surprise me because I recognize a pathological liar when I see one, I grew up together with some people who constantly lied to me.  They always thought they were hiding things very well and I wasn’t aware of what was going on, but I was. The inconsistencies in their stories, in their body language, their eye movements, gestures, their choice of words: these clues were all giving them away. So, I get that Jay is pathological liar, he lied probably all his life to get away from trouble. But Jenn?… Why is she lying?

Jenn was Jay’s close friend. Also Jay claimed that he used to hang out with Jenn’s brother Mark sometimes. For some reason, in the early parts of the investigation in February, Jenn and Jay were the only ones who were called in the station to testify. Both talked to the police multiple times. Their pre-tesimonial talk with the cops (Which were 1 hour long for Jenn and at least 2 hours  for Jay) were all off the record. We don’t know what the cops told them, if they encouraged them to lie or not. But one thing I know is that Jenn changed her original ‘I don’t know anything’ testimony to ‘I helped Jay to dispose shovels and dirty clothes’ story after she went back home from station and talked to Jay. Something is really fishy here. Really really fishy. If you look at the whole case, you will see how terrible this investigation was conducted (Suggested read here: Please read: Susan Simpson’s blog: viewfromLL2 )

The State had no physical evidence to arrest Adnan (Hae’s ex-boyfriend) : No DNA, No semen, no fibers. Yes, his finger prints were all over Hae’s car but also there were 20 more unidentified fingerprints on her car. Besides,it was common for Hae to give Adnan a ride even after they had broken up: they were still friends and talking. The only “evidence(!)” the State presented was the cell phone tower ping locations which allegedly showed that his phone was at Hae’s burial site that day.

Well, this is not used as a viable evidence anymore in courts since it is not precise:

Please read: (Also please listen to Undisclosed Season 1 Episode 8 and Addendum 8 to understand that these tower pings have no validity in this case, they explain the reasons why  and they interview the experts)

Yes, it is helpful when you want to find out if a group of people were at the same whereabouts at a certain time, sure.  But, the cell tower pings can change according to many things such as call volume,  type of signalling technology used (GSM/UMTS/CDMA), the local topology (man made or natural obstructions), the height of the antennae, type of CDRs available, physical location of other masts, angling of the transceivers, and degree of network activity (other subscribers). In some instances, Cell Site Analysis can be accurate to a few metres, or sometimes a few streets (approximately a postcode).

Let’s consider that the tower pings are reliable. There are still some problems with that:

Serial: A Comparison of Adnan’s Cell Phone Records and the Witness Statements Provided by Adnan, Jay, Jenn, and Cathy

Now let’s summarize what went wrong with this investigation and then I will tell you about my theory:

  • Although there is no physical evidence that links Adnan to the murder, he was arrested based on one single person’s testimony who constantly changed his story and lied. He admitted that he lied on the stand.
  • Jay was charged with ‘Resisting arrest’ offense on January 27th. What was this about? Did they want to take him in for questioning and he didn’t want to go? Or did the cops want to scare him and use these charges against him later? According to Sis, the store owner where Jay worked at, Jay was supposed to show up at work on the February 26th, and 27th. But he didn’t because probably he was picked up by the police. I don’t want to speculate, but this is very likely. So, were the police talking to Jay the whole time?
  • Interestingly, after January 27th,  Jay started spreading rumors to his friends Chris, Tayyib, his co-worker at the store, etc. about the fact that Adnan killed Hae and Jay helped him bury the body. If you really helped someone bury a dead body, why do you want to tell people about this? If you feel remorse, you would tell people the next day of the crime. Not after you got questioned  three days in a row by the police for an ‘unknown’ reason.
Jay’s arrest on January 27th.
  • According to the owner of the store (I don’t like when people emphasize this was a ‘porn’ store. Jay needed money, he wasn’t filming porn, so why big deal?) Jay took time off on February 20th and 22nd to talk to the cops even though this never was entered into the police records. This sounds about right because as you can see in the image below the police didn’t take much action between February 18th and 24th except questioning Mr S and sending Subpoenas to a bunch of people.
  • So, although this was NOT Jay’s first interview, the police, for some reason, decided to pick up Jay from the store (They never went to his house, probably Jay didn’t want his family to know and the police were so kind to grand this request. Yet again, why?) and questioned him at the station. After talking to him for an hour ‘off the record’ they went on record. Suddenly, Jay wanted to ‘Come Clean’. He confessed that he helped Adnan bury the body and he knew where Hae’s car was. What is the reason of this preliminary off the record questioning? Why is the mystery?
  • If you listened to Undisclosed Podcast, there is one addendum session that you HAVE to listen. So, Jay takes the police to Hae’s car on February 28th. But on this police report from the crime scene dated February 12th, there is this coding: Body:12 Car: 12, 0, lost properties: 4, 0,0. This indicated that the police knew where Hae’s car was long before February 28th.
  • After hearing both sides and reading a lot about this, I think Jay didn’t know where the car was. The police had known the location and took him there.

jays interview

  • The charges filed against Jay that went into records on January 27th were dropped suddenly on March 5th, 1999.


  • There was no physical evidence (DNA from her and her car, the fibers, many items including a condom and a brandy bottle around her body were collected, but never tested), or no professional victimology  performed (Nobody knew Hae’s internet contacts, nobody checked who she was talking to in chat rooms, nobody checked what was in her floppy disks, where she usually stopped on her way to the daycare, what she was worried about lately, which restaurant was her favorite, etc). Thinking that the cell tower pings and Jay’s testimony are good enough proof , they arrested Adnan in the early hours of February 28th, 1999 for the murder of Hae Min Lee.
Adnan’s Mugshot on February 28th.
  • Other strange thing about Hae’s car is that in the initial photos that were taken in Hae’s car when it was found, you can clearly see that ignition collar had been removed. But in the video that wass taken 2 weeks later, on March 16, you see that ignition collar was replaced. But they kept the windshield wiper broken, because it supported the State’s case. Also, according to Hae’s brother, Young, the turn signal, which is on the left not right side, was broken when he was driving the car home on March 4th. Please pay attention, the turn signal was broken, NOT the windshield wiper lever. He remembers it because he had difficulty with it and didn’t feel safe while driving home.

To read more about this subject, please visit:

The photo on the left shows the missing ignition collar. It is magically fixed in 2 weeks, whereas the lever remained broken.
  • Besides the lack of DNA testing, a detailed analysis on the tire marks wasn’t performed either.
    This is the only tire information we have from the investigation and the result was announced as ‘inconclusive’:

tire analysis1tire analysis 2

When I searched on internet about Hae’s Car, which was a 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE, there were 4 possible DUNLOP tires that could fit. And since the analysis says ‘SP’ not ‘Winter’ type, this brings down the options to two similar tires. However, unfortunately it is impossible to see clearly the tire’s shape and design since Nissan’s tire in the photo is covered in mud. But it is definitey NOT SP SPort 2000 series.

The arrow shows Hae’s Car and the two models tires on the left are the only possibilities of a Dunlop tire for Nissan Sentra 1998 GXE
The two illustrations on the left are what the analysis in the crime scene suggested. If the murderer used Hae’s car, we are supposed to see Hae’s car’s tracks. Although they look similar, they have obvious differences in terms of width.

When we compare with Adnan’s car which was a 1987 Honda accord LX , it seems even more unlikely that the tracks belonged to his car, not only the width but also the design seems completely different:

The top row illustrates Adnan’s car’s tires and the bottom row illustrates the tire shape that was collected from the crime scene.

This indicates that there is no evidence that Hae’s car was there that day. But nobody really digged into these, or simply they never wanted to.

  • I think another weird thing about this case is Adnan’s lawyer, Cristina Gutierrez. Although Adnan says that she was always very kind and caring to him, I think she is one of the biggest reasons why Adnan is in jail right now. He shouldn’t have been sentenced to life with no physical evidence that connected him to the crime. I’m not saying he did or he didn’t commit the crime. He shouldn’t have been imprisoned with the lack of evidence they had in this case.
cristina Gutierrez
Adnan’s then lawyer, Cristina Gutierrez

During the trial, Gutierrez had started to have some health (She later died in 2004) and financial problems. She seemed distracted and agitated in the court or behind the scenes, especially towards Adnan’s family. She never called Asia McClain even though she was the key witness, considering State’s timeline. Gutierrez didn’t even look at the survelience records in the library that Asia mentions below, in her first letter to Adnan. According to Adnan, he gave this letter to Gutierrez but she never followed up with Asia. In Gutierrez notes, it is written: “Asia saw Adnan in the library 2:30-3:30” But it seems like she never followed up on that:


I don’t think Gutierrez appealed to the jury or the judge, either. Her style was not working for the jury or the others in the court. She was absent minded, too forceful, too loud and tiring. While I was listening to Serial, I was super agitated by her voice and intonation as well as her choices of questions. She was far from convincing and she was rather annoying (fast forward to 28:35):

The reason the first trial ended as a mistrial was because the judge called Gutierrez ‘liar’. This mistrial was a major set back in the case.

When she failed the trial, she got in the elevator with Adnan’s parents. Instead of saying ‘I’m sorry’ She kept her silence for a while, and then she uttered these words: “I will need $50,000 for the appeal” and she left the elevator just like that.

I’m sorry if she was really not feeling well or was going through rough times. However, this is not a good excuse to cause someone innocent to end up in jail for life. If Adnan is innocent, look at the hot mess he has been in since day one.

  • Another super odd fact is that: The investigators of this case only collected outgoing phone records from Adnan’s phone, not the incoming calls, claiming that they cannot trace the tower pings with incoming calls (AT&T Fact cover sheet states that -and yet the prosecuters used some of the incoming calls as evidence in the court). But what the strangest thing is, they didn’t track ANY of Hae’s calls; incoming or outgoing. She told a couple of people that day ‘I have somewhere to be, I can’t give a ride to Adnan’ and yet between the time when she leaves the campus, 2:20 and when she picks up her cousing at the day care, 3:15, she had almost an hour. The drive was not more than 15 minutes with traffic (see below). Mind you that when she was found, her pager was missing. This would make you think that the killer didn’t want the pager to be found. So why nobody looked into her call records? Why do you spend so much attention, time and effort on one possible suspect’s phone records but not on the victim  instead?
The drive from Woodlawn High school to the Daycare

Also, did anybody ask around at the hotels, gas stations, cafes and restaurants on this route? We guess that she didn’t withdraw any money that day (No records were made public on this). So probably she had some cash with her – when she was found, she had 1$ on her. What if she stopped for food? There is a very interesting detail: At the crime scene, one piece of evidence was an empty bag of Popeye food (maybe nuggets?). Well, guess what, there was a Popeye restaurant on her way.

Here are some cafes that were close to her route:

The Coffee shops that were on Hae’s route

Nobody asked around these public places to see if someone saw what happened because they had set their minds and eyes already on someone and only one: They were fixated at Adnan. They didn’t care if Hae deserved justice or they didn’t care if they were stealing a very successful bright future from an 18-year old boy by locking him up forever. This was just another case for them to get rid of, and they needed to do it quickly since there were over 100 other cases to deal with at that time.

Related video, hear what the FBI agent says after minute4:

(And of course that Popeye bag was never tested for DNA… sigh…)

  • I think Sarah Koenig was thinking that Adnan was innocent until she learned about the Nisha call. Nisha call is still a mystery to this day, and it still looks bad for Adnan. Let me exlain like this: State says, he called Nisha at 3:32 because he was in the car with Jay. Defense says Jay was alone with the phone, Adnan was at track practice, it must have been a butt dial since Nisha was on speed dial and at the top of the contacts list. It couldn’t have gone to voicemail, because Nisha had never set up one. But… AT&T says that after a 30-second-long unanswered calls, they show this in the call log and in the bill as a ‘call made’.


Nisha was one of the girls Adnan was  talking to in January 1999. When you look at Adnan’s call logs, he always called her sometime after 7:00 PM (mostly after 9). We are creatures of habit. Probably by the time he broke his fast and ate his dinner with family and finally found some lone time was after 7pm:

nishacallsnisha callssss Some talks were for seconds, some for minutes, some for almost an hour. But that day, the day Hae disappeared, there was a call from Adnan’s phone to Nisha at 3:32 PM which lasted approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The problem is that, Adnan said at that time he was either at the library or at the track practice, without his phone. His phone must have been still with Jay (until around 7:30 PM that day). This is the only call that was made to someone who only Adnan knew, whereas other outgoing calls until 5:30 PM were Jay’s friends: Patrick, Phil, and Jenn. When they questioned Nisha in March, two months after Hae disapeared, she testified that she remembered one call with Adnan that Jay was there,  they were at the video store that Jay worked at. Adnan put Jay on the phone to say hi and Nisha said hi to Jay and that was it. This cannot be January 13th call though because Jay hadn’t started working at the video store until February. What Nisha remembers must be the February 14 call which took place, again, after 7:00 PM:

Nisha Call
The Nisha Call that Nisha recalls actually took place on February 14th.
  • For other findings, please read:

One most important thing about human psychology is that we cannot hide our excitement or interest most of the time. Our actions speak louder than words. The reason why Adnan got a cell phone in the first place was Nisha. Nisha and Adnan met at New Years Eve and since she lived outside the city, all the calls Adnan was making from his home landline phone, it doubled up the phone bill (Also Both Adnan’s mom and Adnan told that his mom would listen to his conversations with girls and he wouldn’t like that at all) and Adnan decided to get a cell phone instead. Again, look at his behavior: The first thing he does when he activates his phone is to call Nisha to give his number. Not Hae. Actually he calls Hae the last that day to give his number.

If this was a person who was ‘obsessed about the break up, who couldn’t get over Hae, This would have been way different. He would have called Hae first.


Because I want justice for Hae, and she didn’t deserve this terrible investigation, I have done my own part. I’m not a cop or a profiler – Blogger Note: I wish I could be. But I’m a concerned human being and I love doing research. I thought it wouldn’t hurt anybody to fight for justice.

I will investigate four main characters here, Adnan, Hae, Jay and Jenn in 2 ways:

  • Who they are in general.
  • What happened to them on January 13th.


Like any other day, Adnan had a schedule that started at 7:45 and ended at 2:50 on Tuesday, January 13, 1999.  The schedule below was obtained by the detectives and this was later supported by the phone records.


The phone records and both Jay and Adnan’s testimonies tell us that they hung out somewhere between 10:45 and 12:40 PM that day. Please zoom in if you cannot read clearly. Unfortunately the blog doesn’t allow me use a bigger space for the pictures.

Before we start, I have to clarify two things:

  1. The only reason I’m showing the phone coverage here is because this was State’s argument. In Undisclosed podcast, the team’s research proved that the tower pings, especially in 1999, could not be used at all for the exact location. ESPECIALLY Incoming Calls.
  2. The call that is made to Krista at 5:38, which is a 2 second call has an explanation. This was explained by the experts while discussing the 2:36 the alleged ‘come and get me’ call that lasted 5 seconds only. These short period calls might not be calls at all. Sometimes it tries to connect and drops. Those seconds include the time that passes to connect.







Before I layout my theory here, I want to make it clear that I do not want to offend anybody here or disrespect to Hae’s memory. On the contrary,  I’m trying to clarify things, add new things to the investigation so that people can have a  more logical perspective. This is neither a game for me, nor a hobby. I felt like these ideas were wandering around my mind for the past 3 years and now I felt like it is time to share with you. Thanks for your understanding.

PS. I have a hate and love relationship with Reddit. Some posts that are not based on scientific facts but pure speculations drive me insane. However, some documents and links provided there are so useful sometimes.

First, let’s go over Jim Clemente’s profile of the killer together. As a retired FBI profiler and a very well educated (Chemistry major, then finished law school and worked as a prosecuter in NYC before joining FBI) professional, I really respect his experience and I find him really smart. Criminal Behavioral Analysis is a real science and it really works, especially when there is not enough physical evidence to find the suspect. Although it works, it functions properly only when you have certain type of information from the crime scene and victimology. Clemente says every criminal has a certain style and that gives them away. As I had said before, we are the creatures of habit.

jim clemente

Before he started to lay out his profile, and a couple of times during the interview with Bob Ruff (Truth and Justice Podcast Season 1 Episode 25) he insisted that ‘He couldn’t devote a lot of time on this’ OR ‘He normally would have dug deeper before he did any analysis’. So from the beginning he admits that he is not fully knowledgeable about the case.

First, he starts with victimology. I will add my own comments in blue here:

” ‘Risk level’ is the exposure to dangerous situations which would end up causing the victim’s death. We evaluate her relationships and environment. Hae wasn’t a run away, or a  hitchiker. There was no prostitution, no indication of drug use or extensive partying. Her diary confirms this. She is moral, caring but dramatic. Because of all of these, she is a ‘low risk victim’. Which means there is a very tight circle of people who has access to her in order to kill her.

However, she is lying to her family about her relationships due to  cultural reasons. She has history of being extremely in love: She didn’t slowly build up in her relationships, she is impulsive, dramatic, emotional. There might be other men who we don’t know, who is closer to her. So, these two factors slightly elevates her danger level. “

As a person who grew up in a different culture than America, I can totally see Hae’s mother’s worries: Hae is a young, beautiful girl, growing up without a father figure, in a different country: I’m a single mother and I need to protect her at all costs. Especially from men. Maybe that’s why Hae’s uncle was also living with them; to fill in that father figure. So, she had to be a strict mother. Also, most Asian cultures (including mine) are very close-community cultures. The families get really worried when their children fall in love with someone from a different race or culture. 

Maybe Hae was quick to fall in love because she was constantly seeking for the attention, love and affection that she had saught while growing up. She might have had what we call ‘Limerence Addiction’. The way that she writes Don’s name127  times in her diary and the next day she says she is still in love with Adnan very much indicates the need of having love involved in her life as much as possible, and not letting it go so easily. 

The Next level : Crime itself. Let’s look at the definitions first: A homocide is when someone kills the other person. Murder is when someone kills other person illegally. This looks like a murder. If this was an accident, they wouldn’t conceal the body. The concealment shows that this was not an accident.

It is in a park, in January, relatively remote. The person who put her didn’t want somebody to find her. In behaviral analysis, we consider three concealment types: 1. Permanent concealment: Burying completely or turning the body into ash or dumping the body into the river 2. No concealment 3. Partial concealment: You bury the part of the body. This is the case here. Somebody took the time to cover the body partially (Hae’s body was covered with dirt and leaves in a way that it looked like picture below: the purple marks show where the body was exposed to the air, uncovered). 

This picture is taken from Susan Simpson’s The View from LL2 blog. Actual post:

Whoever did this, they don’t look criminally sophisticated. This murder is ill planned. In January, it is cold and stormy. Ground is cold and very difficult to dig. They didn’t know until they had to do it and dig a grave. According to Jim Clemente, this person is not experienced, OR not old. He didn’t have time to grow up. They had to act this way because it felt like this had to be this way.

If you are a burglar and you go to a city that you don’t live in and you kill, 99.9% you will get out! Let’s say car jacking. Again, you did something you didn’t intend to do but the longer you spend with that dead body, the greater chances you will get caught. If people  take the time to conceal a body, there is a known relationship between the killer and the unsub (the victim). If the victim knows this offender and the victims’s relationships (friends, relatives) might recognize this person, the killer will want to conceal the body. He is impulsive so he might be young. There are many places, water dumps, lakes but this person wanted to dig a hard soil. 

I think Clemente didn’t know that there wasn’t much digging done to bury her in Hae’s case, although the murderer took the time to remove a considerable amount of soil and leaves to cover her. So far, I agree with Jim Clemente on some points though: He says this person is either older but not criminally sophisticated, or  young, which I agree on. I also think this person was in her circle: Either from a close circle or a further one. The range of people of this circle could be anyone from Hae’s group of friends and family to people who work at the day care, the grocery store , gas station or hairdresser, etc. 

Robbery was not the motive, she still had jewelery on. Rape was not the motive because at least there is no indication or anything like that occured. So, as a low risk victim, her being killed by a stranger is almost impossible without these motives. She was specifically targeted by the killer. Somebody has a personal cause against her. Rage or revenge. 

Now here, I disagree with him. As he mentioned before, he doesn’t know every specific detail about this case. First of all, her wallet, pager, keys and shoes were missing. Her jewelery was on (or at least her necklaces were) but here, I believe wallet and shoes are the most important things (I will explain to you in depth when I present my own theory) since the murderer might have taken the shoes and/or wallet as thropies and her pager as something valuable.

Second of all, we do not know for sure if she was sexually assulted. Yes, there was no semen (spermotozoa) found in anal and oral swabs but semen’s life span is as short as 24- 96 hours , then it degenerates. Have a look at this:

“From FORENSICS: A GUIDE FOR WRITERS, by D.P. Lyle, M.D., pg 201:

“In living victims, the duration of sperm motility is from four to six hours. If motile sperm are found in vaginal swabs, the sexual act likely occurred less than six hours earlier. After that, the sperm die and begin to break down and fragment, and timing becomes a guessing game. First the tails are lost, leaving behind sperm heads, and then the heads and tails undergo fragmentation and destruction. The survival of sperm heads and sperm remnants in various body orifices is extremely variable, so that no accurate timeline can be established. In general, these remnants may remain in the vagina for up to six or seven days, the rectum for two to three days, and the mouth less than twenty-four hours. In cases of rape-homicide, sperm may remain in the vagina of the corpse for up to two weeks.

Elevated SAP levels can be found in the vagina for up to seventy-two hours. Semen is a fairly resilient substance. Laundering and dry cleaning of stained clothing may or may not remove all traces of PSA and SAP, and traces of spermatozoa can sometimes be found on microscopic examination of the laundered material. If protected from extremes of temperature, harsh chemicals, and other unfavorable environmental conditions, dried semen stains may remain identifiable and usable for DNA analysis for many years.”

Would you expect to find semen on a 4-week-old dead body? No. You test DNA instead and compare with the victim’s own DNA. If you find different results, you run in the database, or compare with suspects’ DNA. Although it sounds as simple as it is, detectives did not run the DNA tests and they ruled out rape based on the useless semen tests. BESIDES, near the victim they found a rolled condom (likely unused) and a condom wrapper, a rope and they never tested them for DNA, either. 

Clemente continues: If this was a serial killer happened to be in the neighborhood, it would be 1 % chance. If this is a serial killer, what is the motive? Instead of being dilusional or a psychopathic person? Serial killer would never spend the time (because nobody knows the relationship between him and the victim) carrying her there, digging and covering. Because he would have risked being discovered at the time. The theory of totally unrelated, non-motive driven serial killer killing Hae is impossible. Unless they were serial killer who was working in the neighborhood. The person had some familiarity and the connection with the burial site. 

It is so true that without a burglary or sexual assault motive, it is highly unlikely that this could be a serial killer. Yet again, there were items missing and we do not know if she was raped or not. So, what we only have for certain is that the killer was known to the victim, and to the area. 

Clemente also claims: Lividity is a very good question referring all the lividity being frontal and on her chests and face, indicating she was laying face down when the lividity was fixed. But when she was found, she was lying on her right side (like in the previous picture). So, Leaking Park must be either the burial site but not the murder site: He murdered and kept her in a secure location  OR the murderer killed her in the park but later came back and changed her position to conceal her better. 

Livor Mortis or Lividity

Livor mortis or lividity is the gravitational pooling of blood in the dependent parts of the body, both externally in the skin capillaries and venules but also in the internal organs. Its onset is variable but it is usually most evident about 2 hours after death, although it is stated to occur as soon as 15 minutes after death (Clark et al., 1997). 

Livor Mortis starts to develop 2-4 hours after death, becomes non-fixed or blanchable up to 8-12 hours after death and fixed or non-blanchable after 8-12 hours from the time of death (Chemistry for Liberal Studies – Forensic Academy / Dr. Stephanie R. Dillon)

So according to this information, she was brought to her final position (resting on her side) at the burial side, at least 8-12 hours after her time of death. So let’s say she was killed at 2:45. The best case scenario is that at 10:45, the killer took the body from its original resting position, put in the car without letting anyone see, came to Leakin Park, started digging a shallow grave. So now the time should be, the best case scenario, at least 11:00 PM. But Jay told that they were burying the body between 7 and 8 PM. Also, he claimed that they kept Hae’s body in the trunk crumbled up before they buried her. There is no way she would have a frontal lividity in a crumbled up position in the back of a Nissan Sentra.

Going back to Clemente’s claims though, it is obvious that Hae was buried at least 8 hours after her death. It is highly possible that he kept her in a secure place first then late at night or the next day he went to Leakin Park to bury her. We cannot know the exact time, unfortunately. She could have been alive for a whole week, and we wouldn’t know.

She doesn’t have defensive wounds, the killer possibly incapacitated her by hitting her head first, then he strangled her. Also, he had parallel 2-5 inches scratches on her back, so she should have been dragged, not more than one person was carrying her. 

This again shows that the State’s claim was completely garbage, because according to them, Adnan and Jay carried her together.

Strangulation is a very personal kill. You see life is leaving her. Also, this is a very clean kill. he doesn’t want to get messy. He is neat. Indication of first time for this offender. Sadist wants to look in the eye: they want to see the fear and suffering. This person didn’t want to do that. Because it is easier to murder someone who is not fighting them back or looking at them with teary eyes.  If there was premeditation, it wasn’t very deep. Planning was not effective.

Premeditation requires being highly organized, well planned. On the other hand, crime of passion is haphazard. Not very much planned. He must have a higher than average intelligence for a first time kill since it gave him 30 days to hide and create an alibi. This is why I think he is young and inexperienced. Recovering immediately when something goes wrong, is a skill. Apperance would be important for this murderer. They must be concerned about their surroundings, concerned about their appearance.

I do believe as well this person was not experienced in killing, but not necessarily young. So considering he is not a good planner, and this might be a crime of passion, this indicates that th suspect was impulsive. This is again against State’s theory, because Jay confessed that they had planned everything beforehand. 

Some people claimed that ‘Oh, Adnan is very neat, very clean, well dressed, he must be the killer’. This is jumping to a conclusion with nothing. He was good looking and cared about fashion, yeah. But neat? Look at his car and room:

Finally. Clemente asked Bob Ruff: we know who draw the break ups but who draw the reunions? This would be important to know. 

I believe the reason Clemente is asking this is to understand Adnan’s behavior in the relationship. Was he dominant? Most importantly, was he controlling which could turn into violence later? 

I have studied about controlling men and their abusive behavior and I learned quite a bit. Especially if the person is coming from an abusive childhood in which the father is abusive towards the mother or the mother OR father abusive towards children, this MIGHT lead children grow up as abusers (mostly men) since they normalize these kind of behaviors growing up. I read Hae’s diary and I read Adnan’s 2015 letter to Sarah Koenig to find clues about such behavior:

Saturday July 4 2018: “Hae and Adnan get in a fight because she doesn’t return his pages soon enough. Adnan leaves Hae a message telling her she is horrible, and he hates her. Hae and Adnan make up and go see fireworks. Adnan drops Hae off at Aisha’s for a sleepover. Adnan returns to Aisha’s late, with carrot cake”

This type of behavior tells me that He was afraid of losing her because he had been sensing it for a while from her that she was distant. He also knew that Aisha doesn’t like him very much and Hae was spending almost the whole day with her. He was being a little bit controlling here, he got frustrated at her. And yet, he didn’t punish her. Most abusers (90%) make sure the woman suffers from the decision she made (spending the time with Aisha or not picking up the phone right away) If he was an abuser, he wouldn’t have taken her to see the fireworks OR he wouldn’t have shown any remorse of his behavior (carrot cake).

This is from 4th of July, ‘The carrot cake’ night

The below entry from April introduces a new name, Nick. Probably the guy she liked (maybe dated?) before Adnan. She mentioned that a girl sat on Adnan’s lap that day and he apologized for that even though it wasn’t his fault. This shows a good manner and Hae seems to be already aware of that at that time. It sounds like even though they were not in a relationship yet, Adnan was respecting whatever between Hae and him and he cared about Hae’s feelings.


The below entry from August shows that Hae wanted forgiveness and she believed she hurt him and put him in dangerous situations. I can guess that these are actually Adnan’s words: “Why do you do this to me? I put myself in dangerous situations for you (meaning his family) and you do what? You hurt me.” This is a total assumption of course, but very likely. In this case, there is some sort of emotional manipulation. Which shows that with all these changing minds, breaking ups and coming back togethers, he felt that he was being treated unfairly and yet he wanted to keep her. We play these kinds of games all the time. I highly recommend you to read Eric Berne’s Classic book “Games People Play” (1964) to understand this subject manner better.


Below entry is extra important. Nick, Hae’s ex-love spreads some rumors about ‘Something happened in the techroom while they were alone wih Hae’ Hae, obviously gets mad. But, please look at Adnan’s reaction: “Leave it alone“. Then he tells her a secret of his just to distract her mind from an unpleasant day. ‘Leave it alone’ is NOT impulsive. It is pretty mature, actually. You wouldn’t expect this level of maturity from a 17-year-old boy. Also, he is NOT controlling. Otherwise, he would have confronted the guy, started a fight, or at least would have told really nasty words about him. This might also indicate that that he didn’t want her to get in trouble for this.


Below entry says that “I wanted just a time off and both Adnan and his friends made a great deal out of it. I guess I will be afraid of bringing up anything”. At this point, together with other entries, it is obvious that both Adnan’s and Hae’s families and their cultural pressure on them are affecting the couple. Hae has a lot of back and forths and indecisiveness, which is really common in teenagers. However, her saying that ‘I’m afraid’ means that she thought losing him will also mean losing their mutual friends and she thought Adnan was overreacting.


What did Adnan write?

There are some love poems and letters that I’m not going to share here. However, this Christmas card and after break up note is very important. He says that “You helped me grow’ ‘I care about you too much to just let you slip out of my life, I would love to have you as a friend, maybe my best friend” “I hope you are happy, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing”. These sentences indicate love, respect, acceptance and pain.

response to Haebreakupchristmas card2christmas card1

Here is an excerpt from a letter Adnan sent to Serial producer Sarah Koenig on 10.10.2013:

adnan says

This letter tells me that Adnan is a well-written and well-spoken individual. I can tell he has been reading and maybe writing a lot in prison. Also, the urge to watch crime shows to understand where his investigation went wrong kind of indicates that it is because actually he might be innocent. He wants to  know about passion kills, couple murders and reasons behind them, since he doesn’t know. He has a very realistic and objective perspective. He doesn’t try to say “Oh! I loved her so much, till this day I still think about her and mourn her death!” He says “This is how we met, this is what we did together and this is why I can’t be her murderer” He is not trying to win over you by being emotional but he is choosing to be realistic in this letter. Like he did in Nick situation, saying ‘Leave it alone’ to Hae.

And finally, this:


He is not concerned about himself here saying that ” I have spent 13 years in prison for nothing, I didn’t deserve this or I don’t belong here” He talks about ‘his parents‘ time’ his lawyers, Sarah Koenig’s efforts. He is genuinely saying that “I value what you do for me,and you are doing it for a solid reason: I’m innocent.”

My final analysis is the famous ‘I’m going to Kill’ note. Hae gives her break up note to Adnan. The same day in Class, during the sex education session, Adnan makes Aisha read the letter. Then they start talking silly things about Hae, which would make sense if you were 17 in a sex education class but when you read now, they are weird:


I have two theories about this, but this is now pure speculation.

Number #1:

Aisha wrote: “No I – messages”

Adnan wrote: “huhi that’s ghetto. eYE (pronounced as ‘I‘”

Adnan continued: “I’m going to kill”

He was trying to make emphasis on Hae’s word ‘I’ and he speaks on behalf of Hae’s, telling Adnan “I’m going to kill”

Number #2

We have all been tenagers and we know how awakward the sexual education class is, and how boring (It is a necessary class, but we thought it was boring, no?)

When I zoomed in to the doodle, and rotated it, this is what I got:


This looks like an unfinished woman face with a tiny ponytail and two rounded earrings. This could be their sexual education teacher. And by saying “I’m going to kill” He might mean the teacher, because he is so bored.

If you are going to kill your girlfirend, you don’t tell this to your girlfriend’s bestfriend. Do you?

This sentence could not have been added later, either because otherwise Aisha would have started writing from the first line instead of the third line.


On January 13, 1999, during the early Photography Class (about 7:40 – 9:15) Adnan asked Hae for a ride. This is from Krista’s testimony (By the way, don’t forget that Adnan’s car is with him that morning):

Krista says

In her testimony, Becky says a very similar thing:


So, at that time Adnan’s brother was working at NTB-National Tire & Battery on Owings Mills, which is an auto repair shop. There might be two possibilities:

1. Adnan’s plan was to leave the car at his brother’s shop at around 12:30 and get a ride back to school from his brother. Then get a ride from Hae to the shop. But this doesn’t explain why he says later ‘OK no problem, I will ask someone else then’ in response to Hae saying she can’t give him a ride anymore. Because at that point we know that Jay has the car. It is possible that Adnan could have changed his mind about the repair and gave the car to Jay so that he could go shopping. But then why didn’t he tell Hae ‘I don’t need it anymore anyways’?

2. My other theory is not the ride to somewhere else but the track practice. Look at what Becky says:


That day, maybe Adnan was asking this short ride around the front to the track practice. Because he doesn’t have his car and maybe in the morning he was thinking about leaving his car at his brothers and then changed his mind and lent it to Jay instead. From the track practice coach and Asia McClain’s testimonies, we know that Adnan went to library to check his emails and spent some time until the track practice started at 3:30-4:00PM


Hae was present in every class, she was quiet at lunch (According to Becky’s testimony) and when she was asked, she said she was thinking about Don.

At 2:15, when the class was dismissed, Hae saw Adnan (Krista was with him) and she said ‘Oh no, I can’t take you, I have something else to do’. According to Becky, she was at the gym at around 2:30. Maybe she had to stop by the gym for something and that’s why she couldn’t give him this short ride to the track practice.

The red circle shows where the students were allowed to park. The blue circle shows where the track practice took place. The pink circle shows where the library was. As you can see, it is a quite a  long walk to the track practice, especially on a cold day. It would make sense to get a ride there. When Hae said no, probably he decided to kill some time (almost 1-1.5 hours) at the library and check his emails. That’s where Asia McLain saw Adnan.

Between 2:30 and 3:15 sometime, Hae was abducted or killed. After she left Woodlawn campus, she could have taken one of these possible three routes:


The most two logical routes can be as follows considering the time and traffic at that time:

2yolvar demistin

Now I would like to draw your attention to the rectangular area that is colored in red: The red area is magnified in below satellite photo for you. The green circles are showing where the gas stations are located and red ones are showing where KFC and Popeye restaurants were located. All these places have big parking lots and during 2:30-3:15 it is not their busiest times. The yellow circle shows a known sex offender, murderer and burglar’s house (I’ll explain who he is in a second):

thebig map
The green circles are showing where the gas stations are located and red ones are showing where KFC and Popeye were located. All these places have big parking lots and during 2:30-3:15 it is not their busiest times. The yellow circle shows a known killer’s house.

That yellow circle shows the location a house which once upon a time belonged to a very dangerous man : Roy Sharonnie Davis III. He was not living in that location then, but his wife and daughter were. Mind you, he commited his first rape and murder on her way to visit his daughter:


Before I continue explaining what I believe happened to Hae, I will stop here to explain first more about her possible murderer suspect.


Davis has been charged with multiple charges of assault, burglary, rape and one known murder of an 18-year old, Jada Denita Lambert. But is this enough to call him as a serial killer?

Let’s look at the definition of a serial killer from Wikipedia:

“A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them. Different authorities apply different criteria when designating serial killers.While most set a threshold of three murders, others extend it to four or lessen it to two. The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI), for example, defines serial killing as “a series of two or more murders, committed as separate events, usually, but not always, by one offender acting alone”.

Although psychological gratification is the usual motive for serial killing, and most serial killings involve sexual contact with the victim, the FBI states that the motives of serial killers can include anger, thrill-seeking, financial gain, and attention seeking. The murders may be attempted or completed in a similar fashion. The victims may have something in common, for example, demographic profile, appearance, gender , age or race. A serial killer is neither a mass murderer, nor a spree killer.”

The only known murder by him is Ms. Lambert’s so far. Therefore, it is not quite right to call him as a serial killer.

Davis was 5’11” (1.80 m) tall, weighing 215 lbs (97 kg) at the time. He was 45 years old in 1999. The police report says he had a drivers license (SDX means a driver license number) and the report talks about multiple rape and burglary charges he had:


Before I start to layout the reasons why he most likely could be the killer of Hae, I would like to tell you about what I think about him first. I think he is a very experienced burglar. He is in possession of a gun or guns (you can see this in his criminal record). He smokes or deals pot (his actual picture is impossible to find but his gravatar on the internet is the photo below):

gravatrWhat we know is between 1997 and 2000, he was married with D.L. Davis, he had kids and as far as we know, he used to live at the intersection of Liberty Road and Essex (The yellow circle in the satellite picture).

But something started to change and somewhere between 1998 and 1999 Davis started to get extremely violent. This is what Serial Dynasty, Bob Ruff says in 2015:  “What I finally found was a case where Roy Davis was the defendant, that did indeed
involve him violating some sort of restraint order. And when I read through the case files onthis, what I found was that the complainant was actually Roy Davis’ wife, not his daughter.And also that he was not sentenced in April of 1999, the complaint was filed in April of 1999. Roy Davis was incarcerated on August 20th of 1999 and then on September 27, he pled guilty to the crime and was sentenced to time served, which at that point had been 38 days. And that’s all there is on that document: plaintiff, Roy’s wife, charged, violation of some sort of restraining order, disposition, pled guilty, sentence time served, which was 38 days.”

Domestic violence is the biggest cause of most restraining orders. If a woman believes that her life or her children’s lives are in danger, they go to the police and make a complaint. The abuser man is not allowed to either come near the family and/or  communicate with them until further notice. If the man violates this and tries to contact them or show up at their place, this violates the restraining order. He probably did so on August 20th and he served 38 days in jail for this.

From this information we can assume that he doesn’t respect woman or he sees himself superior and in control. He possibly has a controlling behavior.

Let’s look at his recorded arrests and charges (Admin Office Of Courts District Courts -Maryland) I’m writing here the dates of the offense, not the date of the charges:

May. 1, 1998: Murder – First Degree/Rape

Dec. 28, 1998: Fail Obey Renble/Lawfl  (A person who is convicted of fail to obey a reasonable and lawful order that a law enforcement officer makes is subject to imprisonment of 60 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.Fail to obey a reasonable and lawful order in Maryland is classified as a misdemeanor in Maryland, not a felony)

Feb. 2, 1999: Charge/Offense: False Statement – to Peace Officer

Apr. 8 (complaint made), 1999: Violate Exparte/Protection Order

May. 17, 1999 (He was caught in 2000 and sentenced to 10 years for this): Assault, 2nd Degree  |  Theft  |  Robbery with a Dangerous & Deadly Weapon  |  Attempt Theft  |  Attempted Robbery  |  Assault, 1st Degree  |  Handgun – Wear//Carry, Etc  |  Robbery – General

July 30, 1999: Armed Robbery

Aug. 18, 1999 (charged from the protection violation of prot order, spent 38 days in Jail): Firearm Use/Fel – Viol Crime  |  Assault – First Degree  |  False Statement to Officer

Sep. 29, 1999 (He was caught in 2000 and sentenced to 10 years for this): Robbery – General  |  Handgun – Wear//Carry, Etc  |  Theft  |  Robbery with a Dangerous & Deadly Weapon  |  Assault, 1st Degree 

Looking at this criminal record, I see a gradual increase in the number and magnitude of his crimes until February (or January). Then a very quick and obvious escalation takes place in his violence until the time of his arrest. Burglary, robbery, assault, rape, murder. The time span between the crimes gets shorter as well: as if he wants to be caught and imprisoned. Something must have happened in 1998, a trigger, and he started escalating after Jada Lambert’s murder. I don’t know if Lambert was his first rape and murder victim or not. But it is very likely he might have committed a similar crime between May 1998 and April 2000. Especially considering he got more and more careless and violent. 

Let’s look at Murder of Jada Denita Lambert on April 30, 1998:

According to her friend’s testimony, Jada took the bus to Charles Center to pick up her ID card and then she was planning to take public transportation to Owings Mills Mall (most likely by subway). Here is the testimony:

Owings Mills Mall is very close to Roy S. Davis’ residence. It was only  a 11 minute-drive. Considering the walk between the subway station to the Owings Mills Mall is 17 mins and through alleys and parking lots, this would give Davis long enough time and privacy he was looking for even in the bright day light.

The blue dots indicate the path Jada had to take in order to go from the subway exit to the Mall entrance. Davis might have caught her there and incapasitated her by pointing a handgun at her or by hitting her head.

We know from the autopsy that he raped her before he killed her. Also we know that he hit her in the head to make her unconscious at some point, then strangled her. If you knock someone out, they won’t scream, so I believe this is when the rape happened: Between the hit and the strangulation. When they asked him why he had to kill her, he said ‘She noticed him’ that’s why he had to kill her. This makes me think that at least for a couple of minutes they must have had some sort of conversation so that she says that she recognised him or maybe even begged him to let her go. According to Baltimore Sun, his then wife DLL Davis used to cut Jada’s hair.

From 27 July 2004 Baltimore Sun news clip.

If the the same thing happened to Hae, like Jim Clemente had said earlier, a serial killer working in the neighborhood, familiar with the people around Hae, maybe that is why she was partially concealed.

Let’s look at the similarities between the two cases:

  1. Both victims are about the same age. Hae was 17 (18 some records) and Jada was 18 (19 some records) when they died.
  2. They were both fully clothed when they were found. BUT Hae was missing shoes and Jada was missing an underwear. (Also, interestingly, the autopsy report doesn’t include Hae’s underwear, but the general evidence inventory does (in some other place you can see it as noted ‘Beige panties and it was tested negative for semen results’).
    This is from the evidence inventory, apparently panties are included in the other clothing items.
    This is from the autopsy report of Hae. Very detailed description doesn’t include ‘panties’.

    laboratory reportunderwear

  3. They were both found by a stream, partially concealed. Jada’s head and part of her frontal torso was submerged in water and most importantly, her blue jean jacket was left on her back (please see the  article below). Hae was partially covered in dirt and leaves. warm
  4. They were both missing their wallets. Hae also didn’t have her keys and pager on her.
  5. They both had a trauma to the head. Hae had on the right side (two blunt force trauma, one of them towards the back) and Jada had it on the left.
  6. They were both strangled.
  7. They both were found with an empty bottle of alcohol near them. I wonder if the bottle in Jada’s case was a Brandy bottle like in Hae’s crime scene. That would be a very compelling coincidence.
    Evidence found near Jada Lambert

    Evidence found near Hae Min Lee

8. They were both transported to the burial site by a vehicle. Thinking that Jada didn’t have her car with her, she must have been transported there with Davis’ car.

9. The autopsy report for both show abrasions which indicate ‘dragging of the body’. The abrasions were on Hae’s back whereas they were on Jada’s chest, abdomen and upper thighs.

10. Difference between two cases is that in Jada’s anal and vaginal swabs, there were some spermotozoa with and without tail. Since she was found just a day after her murder, spermotozoa hadn’t degenerated yet. However, this was impossible to trace on Hae’s swabs after weeks past. This could be why all the tests came back negative.

So, Roy Davis’ MO (The particular way of the killer is doing things) fits to the killer of Hae Min Lee’s MO.

Now,  I have reasons to believe Jada Lambert might have been his first murder. Do you remember Clemente’s words about being an inexperienced killer? Having bad planning skills? I think he wanted to rob Jada, also he wanted to rape her but she recognized him. So he killed her. After the murder he felt somehow guilty. This is why he covered her with her jacket (to keep her warm) and he made the call and gave the location of the body himself. His exact words were these:


Murderers call the police to either to apologize or to get their attention. By telling the cops where she is, either he felt relieved or he watched from far when police came to the crime scene and enjoyed the attention that his murder scene got.

There is an anonymous call in Hae’s case, too, but the nature of the call is completely different. The call is not revealing any unknown information about the case or he is not apologizing. He is just blaming someone else. Rabia Chaudry later claimed that she suspects that this ananymous call was made by one of Adnan’s acquaintances:


Hae wasn’t his first kill anymore, so he had to be smarter. Yes, his kills were still immature, impulsive (in the middle of the daylight) but he was not going to make the phone call again. He was not going to bury the body right next to his home this time. Also, he didn’t leave any IDs with her so that the police was going to spend time a little longer. He cmight have used a condom or something else this time, because remember a condom and a condom wrapper were found next to Hae. Yet, he was still a bad planner, because Hae was a victim of opportunity, she just happened to come accross. I think she had deposited her check, or took out some cash. Maybe she just bought some Popeye or KFC, paid cash and while returning to her car, Roy Davis hold her at gun point. Put her in his own car: Usually criminals do not want to use the victim’s car since they don’t want to attract unnecessary attention or leave prints or DNA everywhere UNLESS they are planning to dump the car in a lake or wipe it clean. Think about it, every minute you spend with the car, you risk yourself because you know that the police will be looking for her car around.

Speaking of Hae’s car. I remember in Undisclosed, Susan, Rabia and Colin discussed the t-shirt of Hae’s brother found in Hae’s car with Hae’s blood on it. They were thinking about post-mortem Pulmonary edema (in this case due to lack of oxygen, the lungs fills with fluid and it comes out of nose or mouth after 3 hours of death) as the cause of these blood stains. The fact that the blood color was not dark red and pinkish color, it does look like pulmonary edema fluid. However if you carefully look at the the stains, you  can see the gravity pulls and how the blood pools at the bottom of each stain (circled with red). The blue arrows below show the direction of gravity. This tells me that the victim was either wearing  the T shirt or the tshirt was 30 degrees tilted while the victim was bleeding on it. There are no smears but instead there are 3 different location of blood pooling. This also indicates that the victim is not touching the surface of the shirt but the blood is dropping onto it. When you make the calculation you can see that blood projection was happening with 30 degree tilt.


Thinking that Hae had stuff from 5-6 months ago in her car, and thinking that she was active in sports and could get nose bleed easily, I believe she was wearing this shirt when an accident happened. There is no reported abuse from her uncle or brother, therefore I will definitely dismiss this horrible idea right away. But considering her autopsy, there were no lacerations, open wounds, so I don’t believe these blood stains belong to January 13th. But, of course, I’m not an expert. The way how the t-shirt was initially found looked like on the driver seat as pictured:


None of the stains are visible from this position. Also, I can’t believe they haven’t tested DNA from this t-shirt (Only the blood was tested and it turned out to be Hae’s – OR Could it be her brother’s? Since they share the 50% of the DNA and this is his shirt in the first place?)

One more time, let’s get back to what happened to Hae that day.

Hae doesn’t have any defensive wounds although she is a very athletic girl. That shows that she didn’t see him coming. There is a strong possbility that he saw Hae going out of the car and situated himself in a way that he could have an easy and quick access to her but remain hidden. When Hae came back to her car with her keys, pager and wallet in her hands, didn’t know what to expect. Roy Davis hit her and knocked her out when he came face to face with her in the parking lot. If he had parked near her intentially, he could have quickly put her in the back seat without being seen. He takes her keys, wallet and the pager. Maybe they were worth some money?

Now it is bright day light, he is alone in the car with her. He is feeling the urge to sexually assault her but he is smart enough to know that he needs a secure place to do that. Also considering that he will redress the victim after the rape, he will need a bigger space than a car.

One of the reasons why I believe she was raped is, her missing shoes. In order to take off the pantyhose, Hae needs to take off the shoes. If this was a revenge or hatred murder, why are the shoes missing? Why would Adnan care about Hae’s shoes and wallet?

It has been reported that Davis lived in multiple different locations at that time, since he had a restraining order, he was not with his then-wife. So he could be anywhere, really. It is known that he lived close to Shamrock Ave and Woodgreen Circle in Baltimore. I tried to look at the possible homes he has from Google earth and see if they have a garage or park way. Some of them do have a parkway which would provide an easy access to home.

There are reasons for me to think that the rape and murder happened not somewhere open in public or secluded area: 1. Shoes are not found in the park 2. The pressure marks in the lividity shows that they cannot be made basically by rocks or leaves. Especially on snow. Therefore, Hae must have laid face down on a diamond shaped surface for at least 8 hours after her death. 3. If you take her to a park to rape, why not leave her in the first place in that location? The lividity shows that she was in a different location for 8 hours.


I have been thinking about the pressure marks on Hae’s body since I first saw them. They look like this:

The picture is taken from Susan Simpson’s The View from LL2 Blog

I thought about all these possibilities below: diamond shaped seawage lids, car carpets and pavements:

But when I studied the marks closely, I saw that they must have been folded somehow. So they could not belong to a hard surface like concrete or iron. I think it is a blanket or a comforter (maybe a jacket,even) with a diamond design (or a thin car carpet) something like this, but not exactly:



Let me explain with demonstration. I’m using a toilet paper here since it is easy to fold just like fabric:


It is very likely that Hae was lying on a fabric surface which was crumbled up underneath her. There was also another pressure mark on her lower torso, and Susan Simpson explains this like this:

This pressure mark falls at the same level as the waist of Hae’s pantyhose, which had been twisted about; the pressure mark resulted from the constriction of the pantyhose where the waist had bunched due to twisting.

The location of this mark is significant in that it confirms that, when lividity fixed, the lower left side of the body’s abdomen was flat against whatever surface the body was resting on, causing blood to pool there. If lividity had fixed while the body was in the position in which it was found, no lividity could have developed in the lower left anterior of the torso. (Susan Simpson, from”

If you ask me, this also shows that, after the assault, Hae was dressed right away. At least her pantyhose was on. I also believe that Davis took her shoes as thropies. Some killers (and almost every serial killer) keep an item of the woman which will remind him the incident later and cause him re-live the pleasure. Davis must have kept Jada’s underwear and wallet.

After the assault and strangulation, he left the body face down, tilted towards the front (not completely prallel to the flat surface) until it got dark outside. Like Clemente said, the more time you spend with the body, the more risk you take. In the dark, he took her to the burial site (maybe drank a whole bottle of brandy to get some courage), dragged her as far as he could by himself. It was cold and the ground was hard so he just buried her with the nearby dirt and stones, leaves. He left the scene with his own car. This is why the tire test results were inconclusive. Because they belonged to neither Hae’s nor Adnan’s car.

Look at this random witness, Mr. A’s testimony (taken from Susan Simpson’s viewfromLL2):

On the same evening that the printout was made, a man had walked into the Woodlawn police station to report that he had witnessed something he believed to be connected to Hae’s murder. The man — “Mr. A” — told the police that had seen suspicious activity while in Leakin Park, and that he “had heard of the recovery of a woman’s body in Leakin Park on the TV news and wanted to help.” The officers at the Woodlawn station called the Homicide Unit down in Baltimore, since the city now had jurisdiction over the offense. Detective Ritz and Sergeant Lehmann drove out to Woodlawn to talk to Mr. A, arriving at the station at 9:45 pm. According to Lehmann’s report of the interview, Mr. A told them that he had observed

a [young black  male] driving a light colored automobile while in Leakin Park . . . acting suspicious near the concrete barriers blocking southbound traffic onto Weatheredsville Road from Windsor Mill Road, which is approximately a mile from the site of the victim’s recovery.

Roy Davis was a black male, aged 45 (young in whose standards-pretty objective). We do not know his car’s color though. Although I tried to find it, my search didn’t yield any results.


Jay allaegedly confessed where Hae’s car was and took the cops there on February 28th, 1999.

If you listen to Undisclosed Podcast Addendum 13, It talks about a very interesting police report.

The report dated February 9th and stamped on February 12th says: body found, offense is homicide, Nissan is still missing. There is also a page that is stamped on February 24th, the very last page, which reveals something very surprising.

There are solvability factors on this page. They are basically numbers telling the investigators how close they are to understand and find out about the related topic: Scale is from 0 to 12 and as the highest number in the scale, 12 means it solved itself. These numbers were all zero in all previous reports but now it seems like somethings had changed.

Six different factors involved and the report says:

A. Suspect : 12

B. Vehicle : 12

C. Physical evidence : 0

D. Stolen property : 4

E. Any MO present : 0

F. Whether this investigation can be solved in field level: 0

It means that both body and the vehicle were found before Jay’s confession.

I believe Hae’s car was found by the police, way before February 28. Either it was hotwired by a thief and found on Edgewood abandoned or it was hotwired by the police and removed from its original position to the current position, because it supported their theory better (cell phone pings, witness testimonies etc.) and why on earth they fixed the ignition collar but left the windshield wiper lever broken? Is it because, again, so that it would support their theory better?

According to Hae’s brother, the turn signal was broken – not the windshield wiper. We don’t know if this was an ongoing problem already in the car and Hae never got it fixed or it happened during the initial encounter with the killer – in my theory, Davis. it is really hard to tell at this point.

The red arrow shows where exactly Hae’s car was parked.

If Roy Davis was stupid enough to use Hae’s car and put himself in huge risk, he could have taken the car to 224 Edgewater St. Because there is one more weird coincidence to mention here. When he killed Jada Lambert, he called 911 to let them know about the body, he called from a pay phone located at 3900 Edmondson Ave, which is 10 minute walking distance from where Hae’s car was ditched (224 Edgewood St):

call and car
Red circle is where he made the phone call. Blue circle is where Hae’s car was found.

Also considering that even though he abducted her possibly somewhere around Owings Mills mall,  he buried jada very far from where he abducted her from. He buried her very close to his house on Shamrock Ave. So, habitually, we know that he doesn’t go very far from where he lives. Maybe he was staying at this neighborhood somewhere on January 13, 1999. Maybe he was staying at Edmondson Ave, which is very close to Leakin Park.

The similarities between the two cases, the motive, and the escalation in Roy Davis’ behavior after January 1999 all point towards the fact that he can be a much better suspect than Adnan has ever been.

Why Would Jen and Jay Lie?

I have a belief that both Jenn nd Jay were involved in drug trade. They might have crossed the line and might have gotten involved some serious trouble. That is why Jay was afraid of someone, like his co-worker testified. He was afraid that someone was going to come find him and hurt him and Stephanie. Those phone records that the cops pulled out showed this trade very clearly and the detectives scared them, threatened them so that both Jenn and Jay would collaborate their theory. In return, they wouldn’t have gotten any charges and maybe agot a protective deal in return. Jay had a family to look after to. They were both teenagers and scared. Detectives knew that this could be another serial killer case and they didn’t want to deal with a long, everlasting investigation. They wanted to close it, so pinned it on Adnan. All together.

A person’s past crimes don’t necessarily determine who those people are, but they give a pretty good idea, a general picture of that person. I would like you to draw your attention for a minute to these two friends’ criminal records. Do you see a pattern?

JAY W WILDS Criminal history:

Jan 27, 1999 Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest

June 1, 2001 Driving while license suspended, driving unregistered vehicle

July 12, 2001  Theft, less than $500 value

September 7, 2001  Drug Paraphernalia (Drug paraphernalia” is a term, to denote any equipment, product or accessory that is modified for making, using, or concealing drugs, typically for recreational purposes. … Paraphernalia generally falls into two categories: user-specific products and dealer-specific products.)

April 3, 2003, Posession of marijuana

September 17, 2003  Assault, second degree

Aug 4, 2008 Posession of marijuana

June 19, 2009, Posession of marijuana

Nov 8, 2009  Assault Second Degree

Nov 10, 2010 Posession of marijuana

JENN’s Criminal Record:

Aug 17 2000 Burglary -4th Degree/Tools + Posession of marijuana

Dec 8 2000 Theft $300 plus value, unlawful motor vehicle taking

Jan 27 2008 Posession of marijuana

Apr 1 2008 Posession of marijuana

Jan 31 , 2012 Posession of marijuana

February 15, 2012 Posession of marijuana

Feb 21 2012 Posession of drug, distribution/Manifacturing – Con

March 16, 2012 Posession of marijuana

Aug 16, 2014 Posession of marijuana

These are the ones that they only got ‘caught’ doing things. A life that is full off drug problems, troubles with the police. From all these records, it is not hard to guess that this couple  was at the beginning of a very big Marijuana or maybe drug trade and the police figured it out. The cops must have used this against them. Maybe this is why only Jennifer and Jay were interviewed at the station. Not Aisha, Asia, Krista or Debbie, or not even Don, who was Hae’s then boyfriend.

Understandibly, coming from a tough background, maybe Jay and Jenn felt obligated to play along. They didn’t want to go to jail. They didn’t want to get their family involved.

Now this is where Jay is living now (Of course, he moved to CA)

Jays living

And this is where Adnan is living:

adnan's living


IMPORTANCE OF ‘MO’ – Modus Operandi

[Latin, Method of working.] A term used by law enforcement authorities to describe the particular manner in which a crime is committed. It is widely used by profilers and investigators in order to link the crime to the possible criminal. Every criminal has a different MO, due to their psychological or physical conditions, upbringing or their personalities. Since we are all creatures of habit, the criminals tend to commit each crime either the same or a very similar way, since he did it before and it worked. OR they do it that way, because they can’t help it.

Jada Lambert and Hae Min Lee cases cannot be just a coincidence. Because it would be a HUGE coincidence to have two similar MOs in the same neighborhood, in the same year. Let me explain what I mean. Please read this article about a real unsolved crime in Maryland (all the news pieces I use here are from MD), or skim it and tell me if it fits Davis’ MO:


The victim is 17-22, the description kind of sounds like it is close to Jada’s description. She was strangled, she was fully clothed, had no wallet, no identification.

So can this be Davis?

I don’t think so. We need to also look at the location and how body was left behind. no concealment and it is right next to the road.

This is probably not Davis.

How about this one:


Could this be Davis?

The young woman goes to the back of her car to put something in the car and then he comes, chokes her till she passes out, rapes her and leaves.

5 feet 10 inches, medium build fits Davis’ description.

Can he be Davis?

No. Where did the ski mask come from? It is a characteristics that Davis never showed before. He never hid his face, and yet he attacked in daylight. But this person wore a ski mask so that the woman wouldn’t recognize her.

Also, he didn’t hit her in the head.

Different MO.

This is the final one I want to discuss:


Could this be Davis?

Thinking that he is more of a burglar than a murderer, it is highly likely that he entered multiple homes and stole from them. Maybe one night, something went wrong, he got caught and he killed.

Could this be Davis?

Now, we know that he has a gun and some charges were filed against him due to assault with a gun. But the victim’s age doesn’t fit to his MO. Also apparently she was beaten up. This doesn’t fit his MO, etiher.

I swear, starting from 1975 until 2000 I searched all the Baltimore Sun archieves. I used the words like ‘dead’  ‘found dead’ ‘homicide’ ‘murder’ ‘rape’.But I did not find one case that fits Jada Lambert’s case the best, except Hae’s. This by itself even should be a good enough reason to raise suspicion and look for Davis’ DNA in Hae’s belongings.


Before I finish here, I would like to talk about a very interesting article I have read recently: “Sexual Burglaries and Sexual homicide: Clinical, Forensic, and Investigative Considerations” by Louis B. Schlesinger, PhD, and Eugene Revitch, MD. Such a great read!

As you know Roy Sharonnie Davis was an experienced burglar, and so was Ronald Lee Moore. But they also raped. Especially Moore’s sexual assault had included unusual behavior because he used a cattle prod.

So, the paper says that whereas the most burglaries are material gain oriented, there is a subgroup of burglaries are sexual based. The authors talk about the 2 types of sexual burglaries:

  1. Fetish burglaries with overt sexual dynamics
  2. Voyeuristic burglaries, in which the sexual element is often covert and far more subtle.

Many forensic practitioners also argue the strong relationship between the burglaries and sexual homicide.

The more the offenses are compelling and without logic, the more likely they are sexually motivated (Revitch E: Sexually motivated burglaries, Bull Am Acad Psychiatry Law 6:277-83, 1978). Guttmacher, in his 1963 paper states that ” Burglary, assault and cutting cases often have a sexual origin (p.382). In his study, among 36 dangerous aggresive sex offenders, only 1 of them had a history of exhibitionism, while 8 of them had history of burglary, Another research on 43 men who made serious attacks on women, including beating, choking, knifing and nine murders. Only 3 offenders had a history of sexual offenses while 12 had a record of burglary. Those 4 of 12 burglaries were combined with assault on the female occupant.

Burglaries and Sexual Homicide

Forensic clinicians have made the conclusion after observations that many sexual murderers often exhibit  a history of burglary.

Type 1: Fetish Burglaries – Overt  (Shown openly) Sexual Dynamics

The burglaries in which the articles of women’s clothing, rather than jewelery or other items of marketable value, are stolen. Ressler and Shachman explains this in their 1997 article that the burglars take these for autoerotic purposes (p.8).

It talks about this interesting real case in which the burglar is ‘black leather’ fetish and he robs the women, rapes them, sometimes murders them and keeps their black leather article. If he can’t find one, he steals some insignificant item such as toothpaste.

Type 2: Voyeuristic Burglaries – Covert (Not openly displayed) Sexual Dynamics

Voyeuristic means relating to or denoting sexual pleasure gained from watching others when they are naked, taking off their clothes or engaged in sexual activity. It also means deriving or relating to enjoyment from seeing the pain or distress of others.

Here, the sexual dynamics are not as obvious as in fetish burglary. They go, look around, steal, but definitely go and watch the women in bed. They might attack her or not. The Boston Strangler had a history of voyeuristic burglaries before and during his killing of 12 women during an 18-month period:

There is a very interesting case of a voyeuristic burglary which is very similar to Ronald Lee Moore’s assault on Annelise Hyang Suk Lee. B.B. broke into a home, where he found a woman in her bedroom. He gagged her, tied her up, and dragged her down the stairs. He sexually assaulted her, twisting her breasts and inserting various objects, including a toothbrush (it was a cattle prod in Moore’s case) into her vagina. After torturing her for hours, he drove her around in his car and dumped her in a local park. It is unclear why he chose to drive her around, while he had just left his 2 previous victims dead in their beds.


Revitch and Schlesinger’s 1981 and1989 studies indicate that if you see these signs together with sexual burglary, it might most likely indicate a sexual homicide: expression of fear, hatred or contempt of women (Please remember Roy Davis’ restraining order from his wife) violence against animals, especially cats; moral preoccupation and moral guilt (The reason he called the police himself to tell them the location of the body in Jada Lambert’s murder shows guilt) ; confusion of sexual identity; and generalized misogynous (who shows a strong dislike for women, or who acts in a way that negatively affects women in particular) emotions.

Burglaries committed solo and under bizarre circumstances (daylight burglary or rape, stealing minimal value items like in Roy Davis’ case) in which material gain is minimal or rationalized, often have a strong sexual motivation. Fetish burglars frequently start by stealing the fetishistic object and then progress to break-ins and in some cases sexual assault or murder. In these cases, sexual dynamics are overt, because the fetish item is typically female underwear or personal effects such as handkerchiefs, stocking, shoes or gloves (Like Davis stole Jada’s panties and Hae’s shoes).

Roy Davis fits into type 1 ,  fetish burglaries and Ronal Lee Moore fits into type 2.

Final Words

  1. During December 1998 and January 1999, Adnan’s attention was all on Nisha. You can tell from call logs and Hae’s Diary. Besides, the reason Adnan got the cell phone was to call Nisha. She was the first person Adnan called to give his new number. Hae was the last person he called taht night.Additionally, Adnan was nice to Don when they met, he even joked about it with Hae about her relationship with Don, in his own testimony Don said that Adnan was nice to him. If a guy is controlling and obsessed, he would have been jealous and outrageous towards the new boyfriend and he would have thought about Hae first when he got her cell. He didn’t know we were going to look at his phone records later, right? We are very predictable creatures. Our behaviors tell what we are thinking at that time.
  2. One thing I noticed that Adnan never called Jay when Hae’s body was found by the cops. If they were in this together, wouldn’t you subconsciously call Jay and say ‘Hey dude, have you heard the news? They found her body. Keep your mouth shut!’ etc. Jay’s number then was (missing the last 2 digits): 410 788 84 —  This is the call log from Adnan’s phone. February 9th was when Hae’s body was found and her friends learned the terrible news on the 10th. Jay’s phone number is not there.nojaysnumber
  3. Jay started spreading rumors about how Adnan killed Hae and he helped him bury the body right after his arrest on January 27th.
  4. Jay was scared of someone or some people. I believe these were drug cartels who were suspicious about detectives questioning Jay and they were threatening him about not to talk.
  5. If you want to kill someone, you would do it alone. Why would you ask someone who is not even your best friend to help? Thinking that Jay didn’t help much at all, Adnan really didn’t need him. The grave(!) was so shallow, it is more like a depression. Also Hae had drag marks in her back. If two people carried her, she wouldn’t have had those. Adnan could basically get dropped off to school by Jay and after he killed her (!) he could tell Jay to pick him up from Best Buy and give him a ride to the track practice. Then when he got his car back, he could go to Leaking park by himself and bury her. Why would he need Jay? Why would you risk yourself by telling someone you don’t even know very well.
  6. MO of Roy Davis is too good of a fit for this case. If the rape could have been proved, this would have turned out to be a very different case.
  7. No victimology has been done in this investigation: We didn’t know who Hae was talking in chat rooms, we didn’t know where she usually stopped or  could possibly stop on the route to the day care. We don’t know if that turning signal was broken before or not. Her floppy disks and PC were never searched.
  8. Cell phone evidence is rubbish, no DNA was tested, no incoming calls are investigated and Hae’s pager records were never asked for.
  9. The car was probably found before Jay allegedly told cops where it was and this is really fishy.
  10. If you listen to Undisclosed, you will here about ‘tap taps’. These are the sounds you hear in the middle of the witness interviews. Especially Jay’s. They are stopping the recording and starting it again. Before the tap tap sounds, there is a question from the detective. Then Jay seems a little confused. Then ‘tap tap’ sounds are heard. Then suddenly Jay remembers everything and starts speaking. In one of the interviews the detective asks “Why didn’t you call anonymously to tip about Adnan if you felt guilty?” Jay was confused again. After a lot of ‘uummms…’ he said: ‘Could you stop that for a second? (Meaning the recorder) and the detective saves the moment by saying “You can tell me whatever you want to say on the tape”  and he gets even more confused and he keeps mumbling, can’t find what to say. This tells me that Jay was aware of the fact that the recorder could be stopped because that happened before obviously. Since the detective cannot go back (probably there is not enough technology then at the station) and erase that question, he continued as if he didn’t understand what Jay meant and encouraged (!) him to continue talking on record. But Jay struggled and couldn’t give a solid answer.
  11. Another weird behavior of Jay: When Srah Koenig visited him in his CA home, he told them: “If he didn’t do it, then who did?” This tells me 2 things: 1. He really doesn’t know who killed Hae and he was afraid that Sarah has evidence against his testimony. he wanted to check if Sarah had evidence indicating another suspect. 2. He doesn’t know who killed Hae. But the police made him believe Adnan is most likely the killer. By helping the cops, he will be doing a good thing for both Hae and for himself. Yet still to this day, he really actually doesn’t know the truth and he doesn’t care.
  12. The only times teenagers kills are: 1. when they were severely abused or neglected in their childhood, 2. when they are mentally ill such as psychopathy, schizophrenia or personality disorders. 3. when they were loners in school. None of these match Adnan Syed’s profile.

Hae deserves justice.

Adnan deserves justice.

The justice system owes Hae her real killer.

Adnan and Hae